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Best skincare routine for dry skin- A detailed guide

If your skin makes you appear dull and dry on your special occasions, you must need a specialized skincare routine for dry skin. Having the dry skin type, you must have a love and hate relationship with it. So, to foster a more love relationship with your skin, you need to adopt the best skincare routine for dry skin. You need more than just a moisturizer to make your skin look brighter and glowing.

Not every skincare routine suits everyone. It is vital to understand whether you have dry skin or combination skin? How can you find your skin type? It is simple. 

How to find your skin type?

You do not need a dermatologist to identify your skin type. You can easily do it at home by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Pat your face dry. If after 30 minutes your skin appears flaky, you have dry skin. If you notice oil in your T-zone, then you have combination skin. 

To make it more obvious, you can use blotting sheets. Gently press the blotting sheet on your face and hold it in the light to notice any oil traces. If there is no oil, then you can be sure that your skin type is dry. If you get some oil traces by pressing the blotting sheet in your T-zone, you have combination skin. 

Is dry skin itchy? 

Dry skin is more prone to itchy conditions but is the easiest to address. If you follow a good skincare routine designed for dry skin, you have fewer chances to develop scaling and cracking in your hands, arms and legs. 

We have devised the best skincare routine for dry skin to avoid itchiness and any skin disease, such as dermatitis. 

Skincare routine for dry skin 

1.Avoid taking hot showers

According to a dermatologist at Baylor College of Medicine, one should use lukewarm water. Hot showers not only dry the skin but damages the surface by eroding the essential oils. If you already have dry skin and take hot showers, you become more susceptible to developing conditions, such as skin inflammation or eczema. 

2.Use dry skin facial cleanser

Dry ingredients in a cleanser can increase dryness, so you should start your day off with a facial cleanser formulated for dry skin type. Elemis superfood cica calm cleansing foam balances, nourishes and hydrates your skin without removing any essential oils. The green tea seed oil and soya milk in the cleansing foam will nourish and calm your skin. Cica and agave will facilitate in achieving maximum skin hydration. When used in the morning, it helps to remove dirt and any residual makeup.

3.Use Hydrating toner

Toner prepares your skin for serum application and removes any stubborn dirt or grime deep inside. It is a secret weapon with numerous benefits. Add a toner to your skincare routine to restore pH, refine dry skin patches and enhance your skin tone. Liz earle instant boost skin tonic is ideal for drier skin. Vitamin E, cucumber aloe vera and chamomile in the toner will make your skin hydrated and luminous. 

4.Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation removes dead cells from the outer layer of skin. Exfoliation can be carried out through mechanical methods or chemical methods. For dry skin, use chemical exfoliation methods as mechanical methods may cause microtears. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) suit best for dry skin. Examples of AHA include glycolic, lactic, mandelic and tartaric acids. They break the bonds between dead skin cells and the surface of the skin. The bond breakage sheds the dead cells naturally without rubbing. 

For dry skin, you can choose Elemis pro-collagen tri-acid peel. It is made up of an 8% tri-acid complex of lactobionic, asiatic and mandelic acids, which exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells leaving a renewed appearance. 

5.Use serum twice a day

The serum consists of active ingredients in a concentration such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, glycolic acid, which penetrate deep into the skin to target specific problems. Adding a serum to your skincare routine will make your skin firmer, radiant, younger and reduce dark spots. Use serum once in the morning and night or as directed. 

One of the most effective serums is Elemis peptide4 antioxidant hydra-serum. It helps to fight fine lines, dry skin patches and increase overall complexion. Along with antioxidants and oils, it contains hyaluronic acid, which can retain water molecules and prevent them from escaping. As a result, your skin remains hydrated and fills existing wrinkles to decrease its appearance. 

6.Apply dry skin moisturizer

Moisturization is an integral component of your skincare regime. The inclusion of dry skin moisturizer will make your skin healthy in your old age. Liz Earle superskin moisturizer packed with powerful plant ingredients such as cranberry, rosehip and borage hydrates, locks and improves moisture retention with its frequent use. Apply it daily to transform your dull skin into soft and smooth skin with fine lines and wrinkles reduction.   

7.Use eye cream

Many think why invest in an eye cream when you have a moisturizer? The area around your eye is delicate and becomes tired as eye muscles are continuously working, whether you squint, smile or widen your eyes with a surprise. Signs of ageing start appearing earlier in the areas around the eye than other facial skin. So, add an eye cream to your daily routine. 

If you are wondering which one to choose for your eyes, you should look at Peptide4 eye recovery cream. It contains yeast peptide, which promotes collagen and elastin production and target sagging under your eyes. Along with other essential ingredients such as Matthiola Longipetala seed oil and Buglossoides Arvensis seed oil, pepetide4 eye recovery cream is perfect for treating dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. 

In a nutshell, dry skin is not easy to handle. You have to be careful while selecting whether you have dry skin or combination skin. Once you know that you have dry skin, follow a skincare routine best suited to meet your requirements. Look for products that are designed for your skin type to avoid any unpleasant side effects. Take good care of your skin to replenish its benefit in your old age. 

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